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2008-01-13 13:46:53 by goldenmoon

In other news, I bought a sexiful new coat the other day, how I love TK-Maxx! For our friends who have not heard of this shop, it is a shop which buys up the stock of other famous brand shops, and sell it for extra cheap. My coat, a feraud 100% wool jobbie three quarter thing, was over £300 pounds in its original shop, and I purcased it for a mere £35....good deal no?

My last bit of news for now, I discovered that I have a very refined english accent, quite posh actually. As you can imagine, I was VERY shocked by this, infact I haven't heard my own voice properly, (not whilst speaking) in several years. Now I have a question to put to you all, shall I attempt to lose the english accent, keep it or emphasise it?


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